Welcome 2017

Now that we are in 2017, we all have the same amount of time.

We will be given …

  • 1 Year
  • 12 Months
  • 365 Days
  • 8,760 Hours
  • 525,600 Minutes
  • 31,536,000 Seconds

No one has more. No one has less. But who are going to make the most out of this asset?

Let’s see on 31st December 2017.

May you be able to win over yourself in 2017.

Happy New Year!

LP John2017

LP John a.k.a Monk John, who once a pianist, a photographer, and a computer programmer, has become a Theravada Buddhist Monk for 12 years after finished his PhD in Telematics. With the knowledge from his tech background, he has pioneered in developing the biggest free online self-development and meditation platform that has users from over 200 countries and territories. He travels the world and gives his insights on mindfulness, meditation and Buddhist philosophy for detoxing, balancing and enriching life of the modern world to individuals, NGOs, government agencies, universities, and companies (such as Google, Orange, Ogilvy, Teamwork, etc.) in 65 countries.

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