Journey #70 – Belgium

In Belgium, I had sessions in Leuven, Gent and Brussels.

In Brussels, the session happened in a collaboration with Free Diving club. There were about 60 participants who came to listen to the topic “Peace culture: Peace in, Peace out”, which explores the concept of inner peace which is needed for achieving outer peace and sharing it within a community through person’s thoughts, speech and actions. The topic explains the nature of the mind and the external factors that affect the mind, like sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. Hence, some ideas are given for maintaining a peaceful lifestyle that includes cultivating mindfulness and developing healthy habits on daily basis.


A session at the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels was organized by Lina with the topic how meditation help reduce stress and increase productivity and focus at work. Here we meditated for 40 minutes. The colleagues of Lina came over to her afterwards to say that they really enjoyed it.

Posted by LP john Paramai

Posted by LP john Paramai

LP John is a Buddhist monk who has been teaching Dhammakaya meditation for 10 years to international people of over 150 nationalities worldwide. As a PhD graduate in Computer Engineering and Telematics, he also helps builds a service system that serves over 110,000 people from 235 countries and territories worldwide.

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