In the Netherlands, I organized two meditation sessions at Jellinek Addiction Care Clinic in Amsterdam who are experts when it comes to alcohol, drugs and addiction. The aim of the session is to help health professionals find individual inner peace en overcome their workload during their stressful work with addicted patients.

At the studio 191 in Amsterdam, I facilitated a mindfulness and meditation workshop with about 40 participants.

There were more mindfulness and meditation sessions in Amsterdam organized at a big IT company, a university and few yoga studios for approximately 100 more people.

I presented a topic “creativity and meditation” to about 30 participants, mostly from the Netherlands and Germany at De Kleine Wiel, Lent, the Netherlands and demonstrated how meditation can be used as a tool for boosting creativity and living an artistic way of life.


I taught meditation in two more Yoga studios in Nijmegen, which were churches in the past. Many churches have been abandoned. Instead of becoming pubs, bars or restaurants, being a Yoga studio and meditation space is a better option in my opinion.

The last session in the Netherlands happened at the Gezellig Community Center in Nijmegen, where I presented a topic “How can meditation help us become a future agent of change” to mostly students from Radboud University as well as students from Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Posted by LP John Paramai

LP John is a Buddhist monk who has been teaching Dhammakaya meditation for 9 years to international people of over 120 nationalities worldwide. As a PhD graduate in Computer Engineering and Telematics, he also helps builds a service system that serves over 109,000 people from 235 countries and territories worldwide.

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