Five Karmas to Deal with Loneliness

Five Karmas to Deal with Loneliness

Have you ever felt like you are surrounded by friends, family but you feel lonely in some ways?
You always find yourself getting drawn on negative or sorrow emotions from time to time? Or even feel like life is not worth a living anymore?

This article will explain how you can deal with loneliness;
Tip 1: Stay Around People Who Are Happy and Cheerful
Is happiness contagious? When you see a baby smiling it’s hard not to smile back. We, human beings, tend to eventually become what we are accustomed to. If we are surrounded by people who are happy, caring and positive, we become happy, caring and positive.

Tip 2: Be Your Own Best Friend
No matter how many friends we have, we always have those moments when we have to be alone. How about you try to feel good with what you do? Don’t expect anyone to make you feel good or rely what others think of you for happiness We were born alone and will die alone one day. So, the only one friend that you can take from this world is yourself.

Tip 3: Find the True Purpose and Live A Meaningful Life
People who feel lonely usually feel that they’ve lost their purpose for living. But we can always make our lives meaningful and do something good for ourselves and others anytime. Whenever you can improve yourself in any aspect, share your tips with others. The feeling you get when their lives have changed too, will be much more rewarding than any prize you have ever won.

Tip 4: Stop Doing Karmas that Push People Away From You
Our life is under the law of attraction. We attract people based on our Karmas and we also push people away based on our Karmas. Put yourself in other people shoes. Develop empathy that helps us understand how people would feel towards our actions. Perhaps it’s what we think, what we speak and what we do that make people want to stay with us or away from us.

Tip 5: Practice Meditation and Be Aware of Your Feelings and Emotions
This is the best way to deal with loneliness. When our mind reaches stillness, how people or the environment’s influence on us will no longer attach to our mind. We will value the moment of peace and understand the fact that we can be happy by our own selves. When people stay close to us, they will also feel happy.

Hope every find these tips useful and if anyone would to ask more question or would like to learn more on other stories, please feel free to join our Facebook Group “Mind Stories”. We will release new videos and Live talk every week.

Looking forward to see everyone there, peace.

Posted by LP john Paramai

Posted by LP john Paramai

LP John is a Buddhist monk who has been teaching Dhammakaya meditation for 10 years to international people of over 150 nationalities worldwide. As a PhD graduate in Computer Engineering and Telematics, he also helps builds a service system that serves over 110,000 people from 235 countries and territories worldwide.

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