Journey #82 – Ireland

Cork Simon

I was invited to offer a mindfulness and meditation session workers and volunteers of Cork Simon, which is an organization who provide emergency shelters for homeless people in Cork, Ireland under the topic “work-life balance” and “stress management”. I explained the importance of meditation practice that will help practitioners to separate between “problems” and “suffering” and develop understanding and willpower to solve individual problems and problems of others while maintaining positive attitude and personal happiness that arises from inner peace within. There were 15 people joining and they felt relaxed, peaceful and content during the meditation. Some felt very light as if they were not there and 3-4 of them felt the sun shinning from inside. They are interested in trying mindfulness and meditation practice in their daily life as well.

The second session was organized at which is a famous online project management software based in Cork, Ireland to their programmers, graphic designers and management team. Although many have never tried meditation before, they could meditate for 35-40 minutes without interruption. Many felt stillness and calmness as if time went by very rapidly and stress that they had from work was totally gone. About 5-6 of them could visualize the sun clear and bright at the center of the body. Many of them showed their interest in trying meditation on a daily basis and they wanted to invite a monk for more mindfulness and meditation sessions.

University College Cork (UCC)

I visited University College Cork (UCC) in Cork, Republic of Ireland and facilitate a meditation session for students and citizens of Cork in the total number of 121. Participants were relaxed and felt happy during the meditation practice. During the visualization technique almost 40% could follow and visualize the bright shining sun. About 30-40% felt as if they were falling into the stillness. Some felt afraid but others were excited that this experience will add more peace and happiness to the mind. I also share that a spiritual life is a life of a person that learns to understand his oneself and can change oneself for the better. This clear mind is achievable by meditation practice which will lead to endless willpower to remove our bad habits.

Posted by LP john Paramai

Posted by LP john Paramai

LP John is a Buddhist monk who has been teaching Dhammakaya meditation for 10 years to international people of over 150 nationalities worldwide. As a PhD graduate in Computer Engineering and Telematics, he also helps builds a service system that serves over 110,000 people from 235 countries and territories worldwide.

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