Journey #92 – Taiwan

I was invited to give an opening speech as well as a talk on my experience in teaching meditation worldwide in the International forum of tri-tradition buddhism organised in the Grand Hotel, New Taipei City, Taiwan. The forum aims to promote unity among Buddhist schools and show possibility of how monks, Bhikkunis and laity can develop collaboration in order to disseminate peace in the community they belong to. There were 401 participants who joined the forum over the weekend. I also had a chance on guiding two short meditation sessions on the stage and the result was amazing. I hope this friendship is going to be a beginning of a new era where the the unity between all Buddhist schools will help restore peace and happiness to humankind.

The Poster of The International Conference on Tri-Buddhism in 2019, Taipei City, Taiwan

I also have an article published in the proceeding of the International Forum of Tri-Tradition Buddhism.

LP John a.k.a Monk John, who once a pianist, a photographer, and a computer programmer, has become a Theravada Buddhist Monk for 12 years after finished his PhD in Telematics. With the knowledge from his tech background, he has pioneered in developing the biggest free online self-development and meditation platform that has users from over 200 countries and territories. He travels the world and gives his insights on mindfulness, meditation and Buddhist philosophy for detoxing, balancing and enriching life of the modern world to individuals, NGOs, government agencies, universities, and companies (such as Google, Orange, Ogilvy, Teamwork, etc.) in 65 countries.

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