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Meditation, like many other skills, requires practice. If we are still new to it, we’ll face challenges both physical and mental that will distract the mind. The state of meditation is the mind that is standstill, peaceful and focused. Focus is difficult to create and maintain. We normally choose a quiet place with minimum or no distraction. It’s also better to meditate in a place that is calm and comfortable because that makes the mind feel peaceful easily. Many people prefer to meditate in nature because it’s easy to calm the mind down unless there are many disturbances like insects, too hot or too cold.

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We can’t go to meditate in nature everyday, we need to find or create a calm, quiet and peaceful corner at home to do it. Because where to meditate is still second question to how regular we do it. Going to meditate in nature once a month isn’t as good as meditating at home everyday. A controlled environment is also more suitable for the mind than an uncontrolled environment like the nature with disturbances.

If you meditate at the same time, same place every day, the mind can easily feel peace just by seeing that place. These days you can use headphones that mixes sounds together with a good guided meditation voice to create tranquility as well. Waking up early in the morning to meditate is also a solution to many people where their houses are full of energetic young members or the surrounding is full of noises from the streets and people.

Once we meditate in a controlled environment often, we will be more ready for an uncontrolled environment. It’s like if you want to learn to swim, you will learn to do it in a swimming pool. But once you’ve learnt how to swim, you can easily swim in a river, a lake or even in the sea. Keep on practicing meditation and one day you will be able to do it anywhere in any circumstances.

LP John a.k.a Monk John, who once a pianist, a photographer, and a computer programmer, has become a Theravada Buddhist Monk for 12 years after finished his PhD in Telematics. With the knowledge from his tech background, he has pioneered in developing the biggest free online self-development and meditation platform that has users from over 200 countries and territories. He travels the world and gives his insights on mindfulness, meditation and Buddhist philosophy for detoxing, balancing and enriching life of the modern world to individuals, NGOs, government agencies, universities, and companies (such as Google, Orange, Ogilvy, Teamwork, etc.) in 65 countries.

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