Monk Life


Is Buddhism a religion?

Many people might have this question in their mind. Is Buddhism a religion? Can people who follow other religion practice Buddhism ? Is Buddhism a Philosophy? How can we explain


My 2018 Year In Review

The year 2018 has been quite a journey and it’s sad that we have to say goodbyes and part ways here. I take a look at the new year resolution I made and I’m glad I have accomplished many of the wishes. This is my 2018 year in review.


Documentary: A Monk’s Life

This is a video that the Mind Stories team made when I was on a personal meditation retreat in the Northern part of Thailand. After organizing meditation retreats for many


Introducing the Mind Stories channel

This is a new channel I’m working with. The channel Mind Stories will feature meditation, Buddhist principles, Karma Talk, Questions and Answers hosted by Theravada Buddhist monks. You can join


Journey #67 – Singapore

In Singapore, I went to teach 3 different topics in the Dhammakaya Center Singapore: A journey of becoming a teaching monk in 50 countries Using Information Technology to teach an


Why do Thai monks wear orange robes?

I once asked my master about the meaning of the orange color that we Thai Buddhist monks wear because this has become the most frequently asked question that I’ve got from