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Journey #35 – Perú

Fact about the journey Date: 15 September – 5 October 2015 Number of participants: 900

Journey #36 – Ecuador

Fact about the journey Date: 21- 26 September 2015 Number of participants: 708

Journey #13 – Peru

This is my 3rd visit to Peru and the longest journey so far. I spent about 3 months staying there, learning Spanish, teaching in the Latin America fellowship as well as in a pilot “La Casa de Peace Revolution” in Lima

Journey #18 – Bolivia

The second visit to Bolivia. Fact about the journey Date: 19-26 November 2012 Number of participants: 478

Journey #17 – Colombia

In 2013, I returned to Colombia not only for ordinary PIPO sessions but also for a weekend retreat for 30 participants.

Journey #16 – Mexico

The return to Mexico this time I went up North to Saltillo, Monterrey and Puebla. It’s interesting to see how different Mexico has in different regions. The number of participants I taught this time is over 1,500 people.

Journey #15 – Argentina

I also visited Argentina during my lent stay in Peru. We went to Buenos Aires, La Plata and Rosario for organizing the first Peace On Demand even there.

Journey #14 – Chile

In Chile, we had sessions in three universities as well as a retreat.

Journey #10 – Mexico

It’s my first time to visit the central part of America and the beautiful Caribbean. We were in different cities: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the Mexico City. We organized a three-day retreat as well.

Journey #9 – Brazil

We finish the South America tour in 2012 with three cities, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. It was a great success of sharing inner peace through the practice of meditation with a lot of people. Look at the smile on their faces!

Journey #8 – Peru

After leaving Colombia, I returned to Peru for the second time. Peace Agent Gaby was not there because she went to continue her study but there we had David and Diana who pulled the strings […]

Journey #7 – Colombia

During the first Peace Revolution Change the World Tour in South America, we also visited Bogota, Colombia.