Journey #48 – Haiti

I was invited by United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) to facilitate a meditation workshop and a weekend meditation retreat for UN agencies there. There were also workshops with three NGOs, two were for […]

Journey #47 – Jamaica

The trip to Jamaica was not only for a GPM training but also additional PIPO sessions. There was also a PIPO session in Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica.

Journey #46 – Denmark

In April 2016, I visited Denmark for teaching fundamental knowledge of meditation and Buddhism in Korsør temple for three days. Fact about the journey Date: 9-14 April 2016 Number of participants: 30

Journey #45 – Hungary

I went to Budapest, Hungary for the first European Peace Summit. There were over 100 young leaders from all over Europe who joined the summit. And here is the recap video of the event. Fact […]

Journey #44 – Greece

Fact about the journey Date: 1- 3 April 2016 Number of participants: 18

Journey #43 – Malawi

Fact about the journey Date: 25 – 27 March 2016 Number of participants: 19

Journey #42 – Cameroon

The Central & Western African Peace Fellowship in Cameroon Fact about the journey Date: 19 – 23 March 2016 Number of participants: 15

What is Dhammakaya?

Dhammakaya is a combination of two words: Dhamma and Kaya. Dhamma (Pali or Dharma in Sankrit) is a pure nature that exists in everyone of us. Kaya means layers or bodies.

Journey #41 – Georgia

This is the second BRIDGE fellowship in Rustavi, Georgia, which is about 25 kilometers from the capital Tbilisi. Fact about the journey Date: 11-14 March 2016 Number of participants: 30

Journey #40 – Italy

Fact about the journey Date: 3 – 9 March 2016 Number of participants: 530

Journey #39 – Australia

Fact about the journey Date: 26 – 29 February 2016 Number of participants: 161

Journey #37 – Spain

This is my second time in Spain. This time everything happened in Barcelona and all the meditation sessions were very cool. Fact about the journey Date: 1-5 December 2015 Number of participants: 685