Journey #6 – Bolivia

Bolivia was the second country I visited in South America. But at 4,000 meters above the sea level, I suffered from altitude sickness in La Paz where meditation sessions in universities were organized. We also went to Cochabamba for a meditation retreat.

Journey #5 – The Philippines

I visited Lanao del Norte in Mindanao, the Philippines for the 7th Peace Village organized by the ministry of education in October 2011.

Journey #4 – Peru

My third journey was to visit Peru for the first time. It was a very long travel. I stayed there for two weeks and facilitated meditation workshops for about 700 people.

Journey #3 – Belgium

Meditation can be a free medicine that cures different problems. One of them is insomnia.

Journey #2 – Jordan

I was about to fly back to Thailand but I got an invitation from the Thai embassy in Amman for the 2011 new year blessing.

Journey #1 – Egypt

Egypt was my first journey as a Buddhist monk to spread the knowledge of meditation practice. A three-day mindfulness and meditation retreat was organized in a Yoga studio Alexandria, Egypt.