Journey #82 – Ireland

Cork Simon I was invited to offer a mindfulness and meditation session workers and volunteers of Cork Simon, which is an organization who provide emergency shelters for homeless people in


Journey #80 – Slovakia

A short recap of my meditation sessions in Slovakia during 25-30 November 2018 in 7 cities with over 600 people


Video: what is the mind?

In this video, I explain the meaning of the mind, which is the core basic foundation of meditation practice, inner peace and personal development. Those who can conquer the mind


Journey #13 – Peru

This is my 3rd visit to Peru and the longest journey so far. I spent about 3 months staying there, learning Spanish, teaching in the Latin America fellowship as well as in a pilot “La Casa de Peace Revolution” in Lima


Journey #17 – Colombia

In 2013, I returned to Colombia not only for ordinary PIPO sessions but also for a weekend retreat for 30 participants.