PIPO Colombia 2013

Journey #17 – Colombia

In 2013, I returned to Colombia not only for ordinary PIPO sessions but also for a weekend retreat for 30 participants.

Meditating in Lede Belgium

Journey #3 – Belgium

Meditation can be a free medicine that cures different problems. One of them is insomnia.


What is Dhammakaya?

Dhammakaya is a combination of two words: Dhamma and Kaya. Dhamma (Pali or Dharma in Sankrit) is a pure nature that exists in everyone of us. Kaya means layers or bodies.


Journey #13 – Peru

This is my 3rd visit to Peru and the longest journey so far. I spent about 3 months staying there, learning Spanish, teaching in the Latin America fellowship as well as in a pilot “La Casa de Peace Revolution” in Lima


Journey #16 – Mexico

The return to Mexico this time I went up North to Saltillo, Monterrey and Puebla. It’s interesting to see how different Mexico has in different regions. The number of participants I taught this time is over 1,500 people.


Journey #15 – Argentina

I also visited Argentina during my lent stay in Peru. We went to Buenos Aires, La Plata and Rosario for organizing the first Peace On Demand even there.


Journey #14 – Chile

In Chile, we had sessions in three universities as well as a retreat.


Journey #12 – Poland

The first Peace On Demand (PIPO) in Europe was organized by a Peace Agent from Poland, Weronika. We had sessions in Warsaw, Wrocław and Jelenia Góra.

Bodhi Tree Little Buddha

Journey #11 – Nepal

I visited Nepal to organize a meditation retreat for Mr. Nirvana of the CG group in November 2012. At the place, I also had a chance to meditate under the same big bodhi tree that appears in the little Buddha film.


Journey #10 – Mexico

It’s my first time to visit the central part of America and the beautiful Caribbean. We were in different cities: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the Mexico City. We organized a three-day retreat as well.