Do you want to know more about meditation? We probably met somewhere on some of my workshops. Or you just stumble upon this site and are curious about it. Let me share a list with you about getting started to meditate.

1. What is meditation?

2. Why do we need to meditate?

3. What are benefits of meditation?

4. How do we meditate?

More on meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation Events in London, UK

Monk John is going to visit London, UK and facilitate 4 upcoming events. 7 June – How to boost mental focus, productivity and creativity

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The nature of the mind?

What is the nature of the mind?

Do you want to know more now about nature of the mind? Let get to learn more about with our teaching monk from Mind Stories, Monk John Paramai. He has been teaching people about the nature of the mind as the following;

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What exactly is the mind?

What exactly is the mind?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is the mind? Is it totally different from the heart? Is it something happens unconsciously? Or just curious, what is the true meaning of this words?

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