How our minds affect the world?

How our minds affect the world?

What the world will become depends on the quality of human’s mind. When humans have pure minds, living a mindful life and doing positive Karmas including sharing, keeping the five precepts and meditating, the world will become peaceful in that era. The economy will be great. Climate will be pleasant. Only a few sicknesses will be found. Humans will live a long and happy life without hardship or obstacles. They will have a good complexion and everything they wish for.

However, during an era when the human’s mind has a poor conscience and negative energy can take control over it, the mind will be easily contaminated, which will lead to negative thinking, speaking and doing. People will become more careless and irresponsible. The economy will collapse and the world will suffer from a strange sickness that has never happened before. Medicine to heal the sickness will be hard to find.

Practicing virtuous Karmas such as the five precepts and meditation is the only way to protect the world. If we find our own inner peace, we will become a role model that lifts up the conscience of humanity and guides their life in a proper direction. Others may be selfish but we are selfless. They make demerit but we make merit. They have fear but we are fearless. They lose willpower but our motivation and self-encouragement are strong.

We will be able to continue doing more good deeds. When we can make everyone positively think, speak and do good Karma, the world will eventually find peace again.

Let’s keep the five precepts and meditate today and we will make the world a better place together.