It was my dream to travel the world when I was young. But I thought this dream was over, when I ordain as a monk. During my first ordination year, life was disconnected, isolated, peaceful, which I hope it would be just like that forever. All day long, I just could meditate the way I wanted, as much as I wanted.

However, my master told me that our life should not bring benefits only to ourselves but to people around us too. That’s the beginning of my journey to share with people from different countries, having different cultures and speaking languages how to obtain the same thing that is within everyone of us, the deep true inner peace. Until December 2017, I have visited companiesinstitutions, NGOs, Yoga studios in 52 countries and shared my experience with over 15,000 people so far.



Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey, Macedonia, Russia, Georgia, England, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Latvia, Albania, Armenia, The Netherlands, Switzerland

South America


Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay



Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, Malawi, Tunisia, Gambia, Benin



Thailand, The Philippines, Nepal, Australia, Singapore

Central America & the Caribbean

Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador

Middle East

Egypt, Jordan