My 2018 Year In Review

My 2018 Year In Review

The year 2018 has been quite a journey and it’s sad that we have to say goodbyes and part ways here. I take a look at the new year resolution I made and I’m glad I have accomplished many of the wishes. This is my 2018 year in review.

  • I visited and taught in 9 countries: England, Malaysia, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Slovakia, Austria, Ireland, Czech Republic and Latvia with 2,980 participants. My journey covers 104,432 kilometres over 144 flight hours in 29 flights.
  • I taught in 6 fellowships and retreats with 145 participants from over 70 countries.
  • I’ve finished 15 new self-development program videos.
  • I did 33 mindstories live videos on Facebook.
  • I finished 26 videos posted on mindstories’ Facebook group / page and Youtube channel. One of them has nearly 900,000 views and 25,000 shares.
  • I’ve finished a new website “”.
  • I’ve completed a new book that will be released on January 7th.

I think I did not waste a single day without doing those things above. Well 2018, I really have fun being with you and you will always be remembered and cherished forever.

And thanks to all of you who have been a part of this amazing journey with me. The year 2019 is just a few hours away. Let’s make it beautiful together.

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