Peace Architect Training IX

By LP John Paramai

The 40 Peace Architects from 23 countries mention that this meditation retreat is a massive upgrade to their meditation experience. They all come from all walks of life. They travel to Thailand from Benin, Rwanda, Cameroon, Belgium, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine Territory, Spain, Japan, and Cambodia. It has been three years since they mainly meditated with the teaching monks online. Although that helped cultivate some meditation experience, it is incomparable to meditate in a proper and peaceful retreat site. Meditating together in December 2022 allowed them to disappear and become one with nature quickly. Some see themselves as appearing in a bright sphere. Some float at the center of everything and the universe during meditation sessions. When their minds are at the center, they become one. External differences cannot separate them anymore. When they spread loving kindness, the peace energy expands to cover the entire world. It was an amazing 3 weeks together.