Journey #75 – The Digital Freedom Festival

Journey #75 – The Digital Freedom Festival

This is my first time to participate in the Digital Freedom Festival DFF in Latvia.

I gave a lecture on the first session on November 2nd, 2017 at the new building of the Draugiem Group under the title ‘Digital Detoxification’. Here is the summary the DFF guys put on their website at …

How to detox your mind?

The DFF had a meetup at the Draugiem Group office with LP John Paramai Supadulchai, also referred to as Monk John, on how people can balance their busy lifestyle and digital behavior to discover inner peace within themselves. After all, when your mind is clear, you can make better decisions.

Multitasking Overstimulates Your Brain

Our brains are busier than ever before. We answer the phone, look something up on the internet, check our email, send an sms. People these days are not patient anymore. If they write to someone they most likely have the expectation that person they write to will answer back quickly. Days, hours, minutes. The happiness that receive from using technology is changing. You need to think about the ‘threats’ such as lack of WiFi, slow loading time and low battery.  These days escaping wild animals is not our biggest worry anymore.

Every day we make too many decisions in our life. The mind is a thought generator, constantly creating an endless stream of thoughts. Before you can find a conclusion to your first thought, your brain is already jumping to the next one, and before you can think that one through you bounce back to the first one in an endless cycle. There is, however, a solution for this.

How Do You Stop Your Mind From Thinking?

The mind wants to think just as the heart wants to beat, that is its function. It’s very difficult to turn it off. You can learn how to stop your mind from thinking, and it’s called meditation.

First of all try to breathe deeply, softly and throughout your whole body. Touch your stomach when you breath in. All the way to the centre of your body. Step by step.

Clear your mind completely. Close your eyes. You can begin by concentrating on your breath.

Generate an image or idea of your favorite place in your mind before you begin the visualisation. Surrounded yourself with nature. You can use your breathing and imagine what makes you happy. Imagination can actually alter the physical structure and function of our brains.

With each inhale, feel the relaxation in every part of your body, feel the calm expand throughout your body, and exhale your positive thought into your world. Focus on your breath as you slowly inhale and exhale. Move your attention to the part of your body where your energetic heart is centred, and activate this source of inner peace.

Way To Better Decisions

As Monk John said: “Our mind is like glass of water. Every day in our life when you are faced with challenges, when you have a fear problems you drop some ink into the water”. The mind gets contaminated. You can’t make a good decisions, understand yourself without your mind being clear. Sometimes you just need to listen your inner voice, which keeps remind you to do something for happiness. If you don’t, then you can’t control your mind. If your mind is clear, then your positive voice is louder than the negative one.