The nature of the mind

The nature of the mind

We talked about the definition of the mind and what it is important to take care of the mind in addition to the body in different ways including meditation. But why do some people find it hard when they meditate? That’s because they don’t know the true nature of the mind. Without this understanding, people will have expectation that can be burden of their mental development including their meditation practice.

Our mind has one nature, it thinks thinks thinks a lot about many different things in life. If your mind thinks a lot , if your mind is like that, congratulations!. Your mind is just like everyone else on the planet and you can still meditate, believe it or not?. But it is like this, imagine that you try to stop a Formula 1 car from going 300 km per hour to zero in just an eye blink. Can you do that?

Actually, there are any people who try to meditate by forcing the mind to stop thinking immediately and suddenly, that’s why many people failed, they can’t do that. Why? Imagine a crying baby, you cannot force a baby to stop crying. If a baby is crying and you say “ Hey, stop crying, will you?” If you shout at the baby, the baby is going to cry even more, right? So, what do we need to do in order for the baby to stop crying? We need to give the baby love, we need to keep the baby attention, we need to give the baby some toys to distract the baby and eventually the baby will stop crying on his or her own.

So, patience and understanding is the key. In order for the mind to get some rest, we need to be patient. We need to understand that our mind cannot stop thinking immediately but we have to wait, be patient and just relax, eventually the mind will calm down and find the right place that feel like home. No baby is going to cry forever, so our mind is exactly the same, eventually one day the mind can find some rest and it will reach a state that the mind can stay still, can stay peaceful, and stay focus on one thing. And remember, just by changing our mind, we can change the world around us. Change your mind to change the world.

Isn’t it a right time to meditate today? If yes, we hope everyone can find the right balanced for our minds, and if you have any question towards mediation, please feel free to ask us by leaving your massage on Mind Stories Facebook Group. Peace out!