What exactly is the mind?

What exactly is the mind?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is the mind? Is it totally different from the heart? Is it something happens unconsciously? Or just curious, what is the true meaning of this words?

Monk John was once mentioned on this topic on Mind Stories that with the advancement of technology, people can google and find knowledge, even the mid of the universe. There are many things that have been unfold, but one thing that is very close to us, but not many people know about it is our own mind.

Hardware and Software of Humankind

Imagine a computer, a computer has two things; hardware and software. We need to have both hardware and software to work together effectively and efficiently. If we have good hardware but the software contains some bugs, if the software is infected with viruses, or it is not very optimized, then the computer doesn’t work the way we want it to work. We human being also have two things; the body and the mind.

The computer’s hardware is controlled by the software, then our body is also controlled by our own mind. If our mind is happy, what we think, we speak, we do, will become positive, but if our mind is unhappy, whatever we think, we speak, we do, will not always become positive, sometimes it becomes negative. So, we have to make sure that our mind stays happy the whole time, and if you think about this way, in order to make our mind happy, we need to give the mind some rest, we need to make sure that the mind stays clean and pure. So, even though we cannot just change our body, because you cannot go somewhere and tell people: please upgrade my brain, please upgrade my body, but we can do something with the mind, we can give the mind some rest and we can make the mind clean and pure, so even though the world around us cannot be changed the way we wanted to change but we can enjoy it in a much better way.

So, change your mind to change the world. Let’s meditate today!