Does a soulmate exist … will I find one?

By LP John Paramai

The word “soulmate” , according to Buddhism can be explained with two phrases: “in the past” and “living together”. According to the law of Karma this means people who’ve been living in the past, in this sense, the past lives, doing Karma together creating connection and bonds between them, will likely meet each other again.

Their Karma will attract each other by the law of attraction. This concept in Buddhism does not apply only to lovers. But people in the same family, villages, community or workplace as well.

People that we feel very connected to after just meeting for the first time, are likely to have done something positive together with us in the past. People that we have a hard time with since the first meeting are likely to have done something negative to us in the past. Most people focus only on the romantic relationships and they want to meet the love of their life. The answer is YES, if a couple did a lot of positive things together and made a wish of meeting each other again. They created their love destiny. With the power of Karma, they will be attracted to meet each other again.

In the cruel reality, not all couples will have a smooth relationship without any problems. Sometimes they wish they would be together. Sometimes, they wish they would never meet each other again. In this case, the possibility of meeting their destined loved one is lower. That’s why for some people they thought they’d never find one.

So, what do you do if you want to meet your soulmate?
Many people ask this question because they are afraid if they don’t do anything they will lose the chance of meeting their loved one. The answer is BE YOURSELF. You don’t need to keep searching. You shouldn’t try to change yourself for others either. Remember we talk about the law of attraction. Your soulmate will be attracted to the real you… not the one you try to change for others. You just have to be yourself. But you can be a better self. The only one that you should consider changing for is yourself.

Don’t change yourself for others. Do it for yourself. When you love yourself, you will learn to truly love others. Once you’ve stopped searching, the love of your life appears. That person is the one who loves you the way you really are.