Five steps to create your own courage and willpower.

Five steps to create your own courage and willpower.

‘A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.’ –Source Unknown

Life is a full of towering walls that block us from getting where we want. How can we keep climbing over these walls without missing a step? We need courage.

Courage is the one of the essential elements of success. Without courage, whether someone has or doesn’t have the means to succeed, they will give up. With courage, whether someone has or doesn’t have the means to succeed, they will make it happen.

Where does courage come from?

It can come from family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, anyone really, in the form of encouragement. Everybody needs encouragement especially during hard times. It’s nice to have someone who understands you when you need them. It’s part of the reason why we are online seeking for something to fill our hearts with a feeling that we are no alone fighting the problems in our lives. But what happens when no one is around to give us encouragement? WE need courage.

The most powerful place to find courage in within ourselves. Courage lives in the mind. If your mind is weak, it will hard to face the problems even if you’ve gotten TONS of encouragement from others. So how and where do we gather the essence of courage in our mind?

Step 1: You need to have FAITH in what you are doing.

To complete a goal you must believe in it, believe in yourself, and believe every obstacle can be overcome.

Step 2: After you have FAITH in yourself, you need PERSEVERANCE.

It’s the key to make sure that you will stay on the right path and reach the destination. Even the summit of Mt. Everest can be reached by the foot of man which is a fraction of the size.

Step 3: Mindfulness is the key to maintain the level of FAITH and PERSEVERANCE?

Always have your mind with the present moment and you will know what you are currently doing and why you are doing it for. You should do something that will help increase or at least maintain the level of your faith and perseverance. You SHOULD NOT do anything that will decrease them though.

Step 4: To remove negativity from the mind, you need MEDITATION.

Meditation is the only way to effectively train the mind using a short amount of time. During meditation the mind and body rest together. The mind that is rested and energized can easily develop and maintain courage.

With meditation you allow the mind to settle, clearing away the doubt and worry that staggers FAITH. At the same the clear mind provides a clearer answer to whether what you are doing is really what is good for you.

Staying in the present moment is important to meditation. Eventually moment by moment happily striving towards your goal, you’ll find you reached it sooner than you though. PERSEVERANCE can be easy and smooth with meditation. If you ever find it hard to persevere, the rest and energy from meditation will give you a boost to get over the wall at least.

Meditation makes it easier to climb over the walls that block us. Not only to gain the energy and courage to climb over, but to do it easily and naturally.

Step 5: And one more thing, take on problems with a CALM mind.

Don’t let your emotions take control. Use your head not your tears to fight the problem. Don’t lose your faith, don’t feel depressed or you will lose your courage. Observe what makes you falter in courage and through a calm mind the courage will overcome.

No matter how tired you are, if you are able to find courage from within, you will be able to help others. Courage itself is surprisingly strange. The more you give to others, the more you have for you own self. Courage lives off of courage. Find your courage within and encourage others to accomplish something good for the world.