About Me

About Me

Venerable John Paramai Dhanissaro (Supadulchai), normally is referred as “Luang Phi John”, was born on August 25th, 1979 in Bangkok. He received both his Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer Engineering from Chulalongkorn University and Asian Institute of Technology, respectively. In 2003, he then further his studies and had completed his PhD in Telematics from Norway. In 2005, he became greatly inspired and has much interested in meditation, and has been involved in projects that teach meditation to International people and encourage them to discover the inner peace within themselves. He then supported these projects by designing, developing and coding unique self-development program, and created an online platform that incorporated new technology to help people balance their busy lifestyle and digital behaviors. This online meditation service platform has been serving more than 130,000 people from 235 countries and territories worldwide.

After completing his PhD in January 2008, and while still supporting in creating the online Self-Development program, Luang Phi John decided to ordain as a Theravada Buddhist monk, and was subsequently invited to join Peace Revolution as a meditation instructor. He has been teaching an online meditation program that includes Moonfest (Free Online Meditation that is held twice per month) and On-Demand meditation sessions with over 10,000 people from 123 countries attending in total. He has taught in 40 Fellowship programs, along with many meditation workshops and retreats conducted by Peace Revolution in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Caribbean in 70 countries.




Peace Revolution′s Online Social Platform: From Inner Revolution to Global Evolution of Ethical Media Production Special issue on the occasion of the World Summit on Children and Media, Journal of media literacy and education (JMLE), Volume 3, Issue 2, 2


Mind Stories: The First Volume on Meditation 101